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Do you want your smartphone to run fast?

Do you want your smartphone to run fast?

Ofcourse you? Who want a lagging phone in these fast days.

Ok now it'll be no problem for you.

You will never wait a more second or minute to do something in your smartphone.

We do so much things with the phone and use all the day long. So, after all it is only a machine not a magical thing.

Just follow these simple steps and get the best possible result out. You have to do these whenever possible to make your smartphone faster.

Ok now let's begin this:

Don't put any unused icon & widget into your homescreen.
Prefer a static wallpaper over a live one. It will save your battery and also make your phone out of lagging.

You should always notice the software update : Latest or newer version of any software comes with some bug fixes and additional improvements.
You should always try to check the system update. Update your system whenever necessary & update your important application also.
It will stop the phone hanging problem.