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Best Portable Speaker under 2000

We are going to write about the best portable Speaker in a budget now.

We always try our best to find out the right and best list of gadgets for our reader. So inform us if you are satisfied with our service or not so that we can be better in future.

Now you all can buy and use these in a budget, though these are not good for a big party but these are perfect for small group and daily listening.

You can get better one by spending a little bit more but in the budget of under 2000 these are the best yet.

(1).JBL GO: This is like a "Chota packet Bada dhamaka". It looks like a small toy but it has some quality because of why this is the best portable Speaker according to us. You can connect it via Bluetooth and auxiliary cable.
It also has a good battery life as the user expected like 7-8 hours.

You can buy this here

(2).Logitech X100 : Logitech X is a small one but has so much ability in terms of connectivity & quality.
This has a remarkable battery life.
Now, Logitech X 100 i…